Viticulture is part of our land, that is why sustainability is one of the pillars of our philosophy. At Bodega Argento and we apply it to all productive stages, making a responsible use of resources and favoring the development of our community.

Sustainability in Bodega Argento

It is born in our certified organic vineyards and transferred to the winery, where everything is planned to prolong the sustainable use of our grapes.

We operate with machinery that saves energy and we go even further, conducting energy efficiency audits with experts. We measure ourselves to improve ourselves.

The care of the water and the soil is a daily goal at Bodega Argento, so we reuse our alkaline solutions for washing vessels and then send it to a modern water treatment plant to be used in the irrigation of plantations.

Sustainability in Bodega Argento
Only winery in the region

We are the only winery in the region that also has a sewage treatment plant reusing the resulting water for garden irrigation.

We have a comprehensive waste management program. The materials chosen to pack our wines are preferably recycled or low weight, such as ecological bottles. The remaining are classified and sent to be recycled or reused in the plant itself. Hazardous waste is treated according to current legislation in our country and organic waste is sent to the vineyard for composting.

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