junho 10, 2016

DGB opened last year in a charming and full restored PH town-house at Palermo neighborhood, Buenos Aires. With an elegant design and a cozy atmosphere, DGB offers an original and quirky blend of local ingredients, awakening an explosion of sensations that inspires and exquisite food and wine pairing.For five nights, wines from Bodega Argento will pair a signature seven-steps menu by chef Dario Gualtieri in his own bistro. Wine pairing will be selected by Marco Castellacci, head sommelier of Dario Gualtieri Bistro, with Juan Giacalone, brand sommelier of Bodega Argento.

The dinner event will run from Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th June. Book your table

Bodega Argento Menu en DG Bistro

Amuse bouche. Oyster from San Antonio Este, Río Negro, Patagonia. Celery and sweet apple sorbet. Lime
~ Paprika (from Cachi, Salta, North) octopus. Confit onions. Smoked Cauliflower
~ Peking duck croquette. Roasted organic beets. Grapefruits. Red beet coulis 
~ Catch of the day. Prawns from Chubut, Patagonia. Bacon. Merkén (smoked paprika). Akusay and seaweed, roasted vegetable broth.
~ Roasted leg of lamb from Santa Cruz, Patagonia. Curry. Baba Ghanush . Vegetables. Buds and leaves .
~ Cuartirolo cheese from Córdoba. Quinces from Río Negro, Patagonia. Chipa
~ Carrots. Coconut. Yogurt. Cardamom. Mammon from Misiones. 
// Dulce Natural de Bodega Argento
Café Nespresso. Té Tealosophy. Mignardises
Price per persona AR$750 (wine by glass for each course, water, Nespresso coffee or Tealosophy tea, are included)
Booking: 11 4773 7790
Valid from 14th to 18th June from 8 pm. Only 30 seats per night .