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Esquinas de Argento

Esquinas represents the vibrant, urban Buenos Aires, where life happens on the streets. Each one of the Esquinas de Argento labels pays tribute to the emblematic corners (esquinas) of the city, where the colours, the movements, the sounds and the people give the town its captivating energy. “Esquinas: where life happens”.

Esquinas de Argento Pinot Grigio

This delicious Pinot Grigio comes from the high-altitude vineyards in Mendoza, where the cool desert climate confers delicate floral aromas on the wine, as well as refreshing fruit flavors of tangerines and melon combined with clean mineral notes, and a crisp finish.

Region: San Juan, Argentina.

Composition: 100% Pinot Grigio


Este vino puede disfrutarse como aperitivo y también acompaña muy bien pescados grillados, carnes blancas, frutos de mar rebozados, ostras, espárragos y comidas al wok de estilo oriental.

esquinas de argento pinot gigrio

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