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Argento Varietals

Argento is our original range of wines. It was launched to bring a new style of Malbec to wine drinkers around the world.
Always seeking the truest varietal expression, it is characterized by vibrant fruit flavours. Today Argento proposes a wide range of varietals that represent the hallmarks of the Argento style – fruit purity, vibrancy and elegance.

Argento Pinot Grigio

This elegant Pinot Grigio offers the most delicate aromas of flowers and tropical fruits. Light and clean, with peach and white pear flavors, notes of chamomile and a fresh and bright finish.

Region: Mendoza: Lavalle, Rivadavia, Tupungato. San Juan: 25 de mayo

Composition: 100% Pinot Grigio


This wine goes great with white meat, fish with mild sauces and soft cheese.

  • Vino Sub 30

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