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Argento Varietals

Argento is our original range of wines. It was launched to bring a new style of Malbec to wine drinkers around the world.
Always seeking the truest varietal expression, it is characterized by vibrant fruit flavours. Today Argento proposes a wide range of varietals that represent the hallmarks of the Argento style – fruit purity, vibrancy and elegance.

Argento Bonarda

This superb Bonarda offers a nose of intense raspberries with light floral notes. Ripe red berry flavors are combined with a touch of vanilla and lead into a soft, round finish.

Region: Mendoza: Rivadavia, San Martín

Composition: 100% Bonarda


This wine is perfect as an accompaniment to vegetable and mushroom risottos, pasta with ragù sauce, and oven-cooked lean red meat.

  • Argentina Wine Awards 2015

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