• Cruz de Piedra Estate

    The name of this property is due to the fact that it is located in the Cruz de Piedra area, in Maipú, in the Central Region of Mendoza.

    Total area: 108 hectares.

    Plantation: 33 hectares of vineyards.


    The main characteristic of the Cruz de Piedra estate is that it has 18 hectares of vineyards planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, which produce top quality grapes for Bodega Argento’s wines. There are also 15 hectares of Malbec vines.

    The vineyards are located at a height of 870 m above sea level. The temperatures of this estate range from -2°C in the coldest days to 37°C in the hottest days. The irrigation system is currently changing from furrow irrigation to drip irrigation. The water comes from the Mendoza river and from water wells in the estate as well.

    The Soil

    The soil of the Cruz de Piedra estate starts off with a 40 cm layer of lime and clay formations. Going deeper, the first layers of sand and rocks appear, which have different depths and have been deposited there by the Mendoza river, which today flows 800 m away from the estate.

    Together with the sand and rocks there is lime and clay, which provide good water permeability.

    This characteristic requires managing the irrigation in a differentiated and controlled way, ensuring its efficiency.


    Comparative of estates

    Finca Ugarteche Finca Altamira Finca Cruz de Piedra Finca Pedemonte Finca Agrelo
    Surface of vineyard 27 ha 22,5 ha 33 ha 130 ha 240 ha
    Height 980 masl 1090 masl 870 masl 760 masl 980 to 1079 masl
    Temperature from -5° to 35°C from -7° to 38°C from -2° to 37°C from -3° to 38°C from -5° to 35°C
    Variety Cabernet Franc Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec Bonarda Cabernet Sauvignon Chardonnay Malbec Malbec
    Petit Verdot Cabernet Franc
    Soil Characteristics More than 50% of medium-sized rocks and other clays and silts Big rocks, Calcium and minerals Silts and clays Sands and clays More than 50% of medium-sized rocks and other clays and silts
    Irrigation method Drip Combined: trickle and furrow Drip Combined: trickle and furrow Drip
    Certified organic vineyard In process Yes In process In process In process


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Juan de la Cruz Videla S/N Cruz de Piedra, Maipú, Mendoza
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