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    “If I had to choose only one wine to drink, it would have to be a Malbec wine. As an Argentinian, I love Malbec, and Mendoza has the perfect growing conditions for it” says Silvia Corti, Argento’s oenologist. “It’s amazing to see the diversity of characters that can be achieved from the various terroirs and microclimates in Mendoza”.

    Silvia has been elaborating Argento’s wines since 2004, ensuring that Argento’s winemaking philosophy – to achieve the highest level of fruit purity and expression of the terroir in each wine – is implemented at every stage of the winemaking process. Through a careful selection of grapes, Silvia has attained an incredible concentration of flavor, softness and delicacy. The grapes are grown in the different vineyards of Bodega Argento, located at a variety of altitudes and soil profiles, which allows Silvia to create balanced yet complex wines that show the true character of the varietals and are the highest manifestation of the terroir they come from.

    Prior to Argento, Silvia worked at different important wineries in Argentina, and she also created numerous vintages abroad. She has a degree in Agricultural Engineering and a Master’s in Viticulture and Oenology from a joint program between UNC Mendoza and Agro Montpellier in France.

    Silvia’s love for wine is rooted in its human aspects. As she puts it, “it has always intrigued me to watch people engage their senses. When you make a wine people like, it’s so satisfying, because it means that you have accurately interpreted what they want. In order to have this result the wine must have significant fruit purity, with good weight in the mouth, great persistence on the palate and enough softness to be easy to drink”.

    Silvia developed a passion for winemaking whilts growing up in Mendoza. Her family has Italian roots, and her introduction to wine came as a young girl at her grandmother’s country house and family vineyards in Agrelo. “We made wine, mainly for the family, and I really enjoyed helping the harvesters and filling the bottles when the wine was ready”.


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