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  • Alberto AntoniniEnólogo consultor

    “I fell in love with the Argentinian wines many years ago and I don’t think I was mistaken. Argentina has unique conditions, such as the altitude and the luminous intensity, the temperature range between day and night, the dry climate, soils with good draining and vineyards which produce grapes of an incredible quality”

    An Italian oenologist, Alberto is an expert in combining modern and traditional techniques in winemaking, thus creating unique wines which express the terroir in all its dimensions. He has been working as a consultant oenologist at Bodega Argento for several years. He also is a wine consultant for many different projects in several countries, including Italy, USA, Canada, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa and Romania.

    Alberto tiene un doctorado en Estudios Agrícolas de la Universidad de Florencia y está graduado en Enología por la Universidad de Burdeos y la Universidad de Davis, California.

    Ha sido enólogo senior de las bodegas toscanas de Antinori y Frescobaldi, dos de las principales bodegas italianas.


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