December 21, 2016

Bodega Argento hosted Carlos Pellegrini International Grand Prix, the best race of the South American turf, last December 17th at Hipódromo de San Isidro.

Every year the eyes of the world are on the best race of the equestrian calendar in Argentina and South America. Carlos Pellegrini first ran in 1887 and evolved uninterruptedly to the present, becoming a passionate local tradition.

Argento wines were the great hosts on a hot summer afternoon. About 300 people in the VIP tent enjoyed the sparkling wine of Bodega Argento with the best view of the horse track.

The winner of the race sponsored by Bodega Argento was the Brazilian jockey Francisco Gonçalves with the horse Nicholas, from the stud Nosotros.

The most traditional and significant turf event that attracts participants and spectators from all over the world, celebrated the triumph of the main awards and the most important Carlos Pellegrini Grand Prix with the uncorking of an Argento Extra Brut.