September 24, 2016

True to its motto: What we love of Argentina, Bodega Argento will accompany the Argentine Washington Polo Team during its debut in the Triple Crown – the most important national polo season of the year.


Washington is a village and a polo club located in Córdoba, founded in 1904. In this village was born and raised Facundo Sola – captain of the team – who learned to play polo in those fields. In 2015, Washington Polo Team – the second oldest club in the world – ranked first in the most important polo Open of the world which are Hurlingham and Palermo. The team was the revelation of the Argentine polo of the last season.

This year, Washington Polo Team participates for the first time in the Triple Crown (Tortugas, Hurlingham and Palermo), the most important polo season in Argentina. The team is composed by Facundo Sola (8 goals handicap), Diego Cavanagh (8), Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario (8) and Alfredo Cappella Barabucci (9).

The A and the W are joined by two Argentine passions: wine and polo

The Washington Polo Team will wear the logo of Bodega Argento – the A next to the W – in theirs polo pants. The winery with its wine brand Argento will accompany the team during all matches. The brand sommeliers will host a wine bar located in the Palenque (arena) offering to taste the full Argento wine range which includes: Varietals, Reserva and  Sparkling.


Polo #TheRealArgentina

The partnership with Washington Polo Team held its first event with an Argento wine bar at the official presentation of the team alongside DS AUTOMOBILES – main sponsor – in San Isidro’s Jockey Club, on 15 September.

The first math of the Triple Crown will be on Tuesday 27 September in Tortugas Open. Washington Polo Team will play against Alegría Polo Team Joy at 15.30 h.

See the complete Fixture and all events related to Washington Polo and Bodega Argento during the Triple Crown in our online events calendar.

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