Winter holidays are here and we invite you to enjoy a traditional country day with frinds or family in Estancia Villa María

Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 17 hs. Free entrance. Activities:

  • Cantina with gaucho-style cuisine for lunch: steak sandwich, choripan, lentil or locro stew al disco, all over an open fire. Chimichurri sauce of course! Argento wines. Non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Coffee time with regional pastry: pastelitos de membrillo y batata (fried quince or sweet potato pastries), bizcochos de grasa (lard-based biscuits), alfajores de maicena (corn starch biscuit, dulce de leche and grated coconut). Coffee.
  • Bodega Argento wine tasting guided by a sommelier.
  • Guided walking tour to the historic center of the Estancia.
  • Recreational activities for children.

A la cruz

About Estancia Villa María

The Estancia still has its historical casco with an overwhelming Tudor-Normand rural palace, built in 1927 by prestigious Architect Alejandro Bustillo, and which today operates as a luxury-country Hotel.

The Estancia features 11 elegant suites, a gourmet restaurant and a wine cellar. An array of galleries and terraces connect the interior of the Estancia to 74 outstanding hectares of parks designed in 1917 by renowned landscape designer Benito Carrasco, an apprentice of Carlos Thays.

casa del lago

The combination of a fantastic grove, the ever changing colors throughout the year of more than 300 species and the surrounding nature trails make this park a stunning and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy and hang out.


More information and booking[email protected]m +5411 4815 0989

Free entrance. Please book in advance.
Location: Avenida Pereda s/n, Máximo Paz, Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
How to get there: Located just 40 minutes away from downtown Buenos Aires, you can easily reach Estancia Villa Maria via AU Buenos Aires – Cañuelas Highway, Route 205 KM 47.5, Canning, or else by taking former Route 52 KM 9.5 Castex.

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