Come to celebrate the world of wine at the Holiday Wine Fest in Seattle. Taste and enjoy a cool line-up of local and international wines which includes the argentine favorite Malbec amongst the range of wines from Bodega Argento.


The 2016 Holiday Wine Fest invites enthusiasts to sip, sample and savor a host of local, national and international wines at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Holiday Wine Fest will capture the flavor of the wine, cider and spirits of regions from around the world as well as local favorites.

Holiday Wine Fest offers enthusiasts a chance for one-on-one tasting and engagement with an amazing diverse line-up celebrating the world of libations unlike any other tasting in the Pacific Northwest!

Festival Tasting Sessions. Get your tickets here.

Saturday, Nov. 12: Noon – 4pm ($40 admission)
Saturday, Nov. 12: 5 pm – 9pm ($45 admission)
Sunday, Nov. 13: Noon – 4pm ($40 admission)

You will have the opportunity to purchase the newest favorite wine/cider/spirits at the venue.

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