Carlos Pellegrini International Grand Prix, the best race of the South American turf, will be held this Saturday, December 17th at Hipódromo de San Isidro.

The most important race of the equestrian calendar in Argentina and South America was first run in 1887 at Hipódromo de Palermo. When Jockey Club inaugurated San Isidro Hippodrome 80 years ago, the race moved to its 2,400 meters of lawn. The award is named after one of the founders and first president of the Jockey Club of Buenos Aires, Carlos Enrique José Pellegrini Bevans.

This event summons the strong Argentine tradition of turf. There is much beyond racing, people gather to share and enjoy a social and cultural event in the dazzling green surroundings of San Isidro, Buenos Aires.

As part of the real Argentina folklore, there are activities that accompany a long afternoon of turf such as horseback riding, food trucks and stalls along the two main tribunes.

The racecourse opens its doors at 1 pm. It will be around 25 races. The “Carrera Bodega Argento” (race sponsored by Bodega Argento) will be held at 13.55 hs. The three biggest prizes’ races will be throughout the afternoon, Pellegrini will be the last one at 19.25 hs.


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